Wednesday, May 6, 2009

His name is Roman.

Born May 1st at 17:20 - 10lbs 4oz, 21 inches;
the biggest and cutest baby on the block.

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And we just love him. :)

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS and welcome, Roman! Wishing all the very best for your beautiful baby and for your wonderful new family!

  2. HURRAH!
    Felix dies natalis!

  3. He's just so perfect. Congratulations rat family. i love him too!

  4. Roman is just beautiful! Congratulations!!!

  5. Ah, he is a very handsome fella - and I am so happy to hear that everyone is doing well. Everyone looks great considering what a life changing event you all went through Wishing your family a wonderful time bonding and becoming a unit of three - and getting some sleep.

  6. FYI - I sent you a Mom's Day ecard - may be a bit early - but better sooner than later (in case you were wondering who LouAnn was) =^)