Wednesday, May 20, 2009

L'Enfant-Terrible does Flashdance.

Time again to join the living. However briefly. :)

Believe it or not, yes, I am still alive and well. I have survived the first three weeks of Romanorum
The Master of the Forum, and am much better for it. Incidentally, he's thriving. The little guy gained 10oz in his first two weeks of life, rather than losing weight after leaving the hospital. (Something tells me he got mom and dad's "eating gene.")

Part of the fun of parenting is getting to dress the little creation in all sorts of miniature outfits that I find incredibly a) hilarious b) cute c) adult-like and therefore cute.

To this tune, my friend Krista got Roman a ridiculously awesome onesie that says "Enfant-Terrible" on the front. I thought it fitting to pair this with some mini-midge leg warmers my sister got him.

Eat your heart out Jennifer Beals.

Here is the enfant-terrible inspired list for today.

* * *

Top 5 Hilarious / Cool / Ridiculous Man-Child Outfits Roman Now Owns
courtesy of thoughtful friends and family

5. A hunter green long-sleeved, lomg-legged corduroy onesie that looks weirdly like something santa's elves might have worn.

4. A fully accessorized Ralph Lauren summer lounging outfit from Harrods including navy blue chinos with a red belt, and a long-sleeved striped button-up and matching socks, all for a

3. A black and white striped onesie (a la prison uniform) with matching hat that reads "Been Inside for 9 Months." It should say 10.

2. An old-fashioned linen sailor outfit bought in Connecticut by his grandmother - he'll be ready to set sail next time we're visiting!

1. A bonafide suit including slacks, a tie, vest and a dress shirt. I plan on finding a jacket or blazer for this ASAP.

* * *

He's a maniac, maniac on the floor.
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  1. Another appropriate '80s song: "Every girl's crazy/'Bout a sharp-dressed man!"

    He is just too adorable in this outfit (although in the second photo, he looks a bit p.o.'d - he's even made a little fist. Were the photos interfering with dinner, perhaps?) Maybe you can post a pic of Roman in each of his new clothes!

    Thank you so much for sharing these delightful photographs and wishing you, Matt and Roman continued joy as you get to know each other.

  2. That outfit is seriously adorable! And Roman is sooo cute!

  3. ah, love it. Thanks for taking the time in I can only imagine your incredibly insane busy day to share these wonderful pics - cause you know we were curious. He looks like a charmer, but to TN's point, definitely serious about dinner time. In the last photo, his legs look like they go on forever - any NBA ideas for the future?

    Saw your comment about 10 months - in the end was he actually late, despite what the doctor said? Given the little guy's weight, I'd believe it.

  4. Thanks for all the comments :)

    Oysterculture - Yes, technically he was "late." I don't know - I get different answers from everyone. "Normal" gestational periods range between 37-42 weeks. Some doctors say anything past 40 (the official due date) is "late" but some say it's only when you hit the 42 weeks 1 day mark that you are in a "prolonged pregnancy." By either definition, Roman took his time. He was born at 42 weeks 1 day! Little brat. :)