Monday, June 27, 2011

Living in and Loving Vacationland.

How can you possibly argue with moving to Vacationland?  

For years I've joked with my mother that I'm living one big, perpetual vacation, but now that we've moved to Maine it seems the universe has conspired to make that little joke an official reality.  I'm living in Vacationland.  I know somewhere inside my type-a heart that that just sounds wrong, but's pretty freaking great. :)

What can I say? Maine is awesome.  And despite the ever-looming promise of a hellacious winter, there's enough good in the Spring, Summer and Fall to make you pretend you can cheerfully live through feet (not inches) of snow and the bitter penance that is having to dress and undress a 2 year old in 4+ layers when he has to suddenly use the bathroom.

This post is inspired by my current bittersweet reality: we're moving again.  No, we're not leaving Portland, we're just leaving our temporary furnished abode on the Eastern Promenade in Portland to finally move into the slightly-more-suburban (or should I say slightly-less-downtown?) house we'll be renting here.  Both places have their own appeal for me, the latter being significantly heavier in the "space" and "my stuff will be there" categories while the former is definitely stronger in the "primo location" / "cool and slightly edgy but becoming gentrified neighborhood" category.

Unbelievably, I am conflicted in having to leave a place that has been my home for only a month and a half and that contains nothing that is mine other than a few suitcases of clothing and an absurd amount of food.  But if you lived across the street from this you would be too:

Eastern Promenade Park, Portland

I haven't really commented at length on how we like Maine so far.  To remedy that, here's a pictorial list (with minimal commentary, or "proof that I do have some self-restraint") in place of what could be a very lengthy blog indeed on the many reasons we love being in the land of permanent vacation.

* * *
Top 12 Visual Impressions of "Vacationland"
or Maine, if you must

Harbor Fish Market, Commercial St., Portland, ME
Because this isn't just a tourist attraction.

Homemade Ice Cream Truck, Eastern Promenade
Because in Portland homemade ice cream is not the exception but the rule.

Oyster at Street & Co. Restaurant, Wharf Street
 Raw bars to die for.  Everywhere.
Spider crab at Harbor Fish Market
Show (touch) and tell at the local fish market.

"Flowers for Mommy."
Because it never gets old being in a place where wild flowers grow.
And because children, no matter how modern, will always pick them for their mothers, without being told.

Cloudy is the new "good weather."
Because sometimes a moody seaside is even more beautiful than a sunny one.

Narrow Gauge Railroad tracks, Eastern Promenade
Because every coastal city should have this walking path that follows the water for miles.

Dinner at Vignola, Wharf Street
 Because there's nothing "small city" about the eating establishments.

Alewive's Brook Farm, Cape Elizabeth
Because strawberry season is a good time anywhere but especially here.

Portland Harbor, near the ferries.
Because random pretty (and cool) things abound.

Maine-centric food, Maine Head Light, Cape Elizabeth
Because you just can't argue with an entirely locally sourced meal. And you get it a lot here.

Maine Coastline, Cape Elizabeth
Because it is literally as pretty as I dreamed it would be.
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