Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life is so random.

"Rambling Roman", Baxter Woods, Portland, ME

Life is so random.  Every once in a while I am taken by something surprising or beautiful or strange and re-realize it - that life is so random.  And I am always just so amazed by that and the fact that it all works out so nicely in the end.

Most of the great things that have ever happened to me have been so random: meeting Matt, living abroad (why Italy? why London? WHY Abu Dhabi?!), growing up in Texas, insisting on Notre Dame, teaching in Washington Heights, seeing George McFly ("Hey Biff, get your God-d*mned hands off her...") at the Trump Vodka launch party back in '06...the list goes on. 
My mom is by far the most random person I know but I'm a pretty random person too.  Just look at all the random stuff I write about and like!  It seriously never ends - I'm not kidding!

There are those that would assert that the world is actually entirely organized, even in its randomness (see this highly intellectual and generally beyond me theory).  But to that I say: whatevs!  I think some of the beauty is lost in trying to scientifically create or glean a "TOE" (theory of everything, fyi).  Why create more order than necessary? I always say.

So recently I've been feeling both "good random" and "bad random" at play in my life.  For example, because my life is currently in relocation-limbo, I occasionally feel aimless or restless and start to have random mini-crises about what I'm doing (and not doing) with my life.  Inner monologues include: Why do people think stay at home moms aren't working?  Why haven't I opened my cafe / book shop yet?  Why don't I write my novel?  Why did I choose a stinky cheese this week?  Why do I hate the Jaguar-driving, stiletto-wearing girl across the hall with the tiny dog named Kiki?  On and on the random hating goes and then it just as quickly disappears and I forget it and I move onto the next (yes, random) task on my somewhat-frazzled mental to-do list.

But then there's all the random goodness that has happened of late too.  And that's what this post is about.  I've decided, very randomly, to list the top eleven random things that have happened to me lately, because there's no unifying theme to them really except what I believe to be the serendipitous and good nature of life and its essence.

* * *
Top 11 Good Random Things of Late
in no particular order

11. This past weekend I picked up a flyer for a Strong Arm Bindery Workshop at The Blue Spoon after a glass of delicious Eve Chardonnay (sister of Kung Fu Girl Riesling :)).  I am finally on my way to learning how to make and bind my own books - a longtime interest of mine.

10. A couple of weeks ago I went to a local coffee shop (Bard Coffee); the place was completely not my vibe (and I shirk from using that phrase, believe me).  But I walked by there recently and their sign outside read: "Iced Coffee: Better than Tiger Blood!"
And I just had to smile at that subtle reminder of the gaping hole in my douchebaggery series. :)

9. On our way home from camping at Swans Falls last weekend I stopped at a yard sale where I picked up two cool and aesthetically pleasing books for $1.00: Gyo Fujikawa's Come Follow Me...(to the secret world of elves, and fairies and gnomes and trolls) and Trevor Corson's The Secret Lives of Lobsters.  I am excited to read both.

8. I randomly decided it was high-time Roman was potty-trained.  And he's doing so well!  He even "marked his territory" on two trees in true little-boy fashion at Deering Oaks Park this morning after a romp at the playground and a walk around the farmer's market (awesome local Manchego in my purse).  I have a feeling this development is going to change our lives for the better in a big way!
7. I've recently been on a cheese binge, and discovered 4 new cheeses I absolutely LOVE: Clochette, Comté, St. Angel, and an American goat cheese called Humboldt Fog.  Thankful Yum! (mostly to Vignola).

6. By complete chance, the furnished apartment we have rented for this month is in front of one of the prettiest seaside parks I've ever seen.  We are on the Eastern Promenade of Portland, and every single day I get to walk by a view of rolling greenest of hills and bluest of seas dotted with green islands, sailboats, and little whitecaps if it's particularly windy.  I once saw a dark brown sailboat with an entirely royal purple sail casting off from the little dock there.  That was pretty amazing.

5. My mom just got back from a 3-week trip to Italy where she randomly saw "The Situation" of Jersey Shore Fame walking down the street in Florence with his peeps and an entourage of photographers.  More scarily, she actually knew who he was and that his "name" was "The Situation."  I find this cosmically unbelievable and equally absurd / hilarious. :)

4. I finally bought a sewing machine!  I bought one in Abu Dhabi a few months before we left and literally had to sell it before we moved without having ever taken it out of the box.  But now that we're back state-side I know my Viking E20 will be with me for many wonderful crafts and whatnot to come.

3. I randomly saw this amazing little felt activity book posted on my current obsession - PINTEREST - and decided to make a boy-version for Roman.  This was decided pre-sewing-machine so it is all hand-sewn and taking forever, but so far he loves the little dress-up boy I made.  I'll probably write a post on the finished product but thought I'd just mention that I love this project for reminding me that I find hand-stitching extremely relaxing.

2. Inspired by the beauty of Portland I've decided to resolve to take up Sea Kayaking and Cross-country Skiing this year.  I don't know how often I'll do either but I would like to try.  And I would also like to take a foraging class - maybe through the Maine Primitive Skills School or maybe Matt will take me on this Mushroom Foraging and Cooking vacation. :) 

1. I've recently come to admit to myself that my favorite ice cream flavor (a defining tidbit of info, if you ask me) is no longer Mint Chocolate Chip.  I am officially declaring to the world that I am firmly in the Cookies-n-Cream-lover territory (has to be made with Oreos though!), and that I retract my hatred of Ben & Jerry's because I single-handedly finished a pint of freakin' delicious Cherry Garcia last week and think Half-Baked is a legitimately delicious flavor too. There.  Glad that's out there.  All of it. :)
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  1. What fun, and it sounds like Portland Maine it is! I wasn't sure where you ended up.

    I love book binding and paper making (those beautiful papers at Paper Source have me salivating) - only from afar as I have never had the time or place to set up shop I'll be living vicariously through you in the meantime.

    I'm lucky enough to live near where they make Humbolt Fog and several other amazing cheese, and I agree they just make the world a better place,

  2. I wholeheartedly empathize with you and I loved reading this post, especially when you acknowledged both the 'bad' and 'good' randomness in your life. I will take a page from your self-bound book and give a few moments of consideration to the randomness that I experience, to find even the smallest bit of value in all of them.

    Hope all is going well with you, Matt and Roman! I lugged my sewing machine with me to the Philippines - I may have to rely on you for some get-your-sewing-ass-in-gear motivation. 8-)

  3. ok... so reallly? no new posts?! Get on that.