Thursday, February 11, 2010

Little Lovely #4: My Favorite British Commercials Part III

It's about time I did another "Favorite British Commercials" entry. There is so much food, or fodder, for fun-making out there on British television that I can't believe I've been able to hold back this long, frankly.

If you're really bored or in a fight on Valentine's Day, just whip these out and I guarantee one of you will eventually crack a smile. If you don't, save yourself some money and skip the counseling - you have no hope.

* * *

Top Five Lovely Little British Commercials of Late
mostly in the "absurd-hilarity" category

Heart FM Commercial
Utterly nauseating, utterly danceable, utterly...British.

Heart is my favorite London radio station. Mostly because for the first year I lived here I thought the station was called "Hot FM" due to a lack of understanding regarding British pronunciation, therefore also misleading me to think Heart had the best tagline EVER: "This is HOT."

Whether you agree or not - you gotta love the blue t-shirt girl's dance moves. :)

PS: I heart Xanadu.

4. Berocca Commercial

Keep your eye on the balding fatty in the suit. Now just think: that's him on a "really good day." Maybe life is fair after all? *hums to self: "I'm so small, I'm so small..."*

What exactly about dancing on treadmills in the middle of a city sidewalk says "
multivitamin and mineral supplement containing essential nutrients that work in synergy to help those with hectic lifestyles be at their best"? I'm still not sure. Just another one of those "I'm kinda glad it did, but honestly, how the hell did this get past the brainstorming table?" ads. :)

3. Lynx bullet (Axe) commercial - "Can't Seem to Make you Mine"

Awesomeness in the form of a skinny, douchey little guy who uses Eurotrash deodorant spray.

2. Corsodyl Mouthwash Commercial
BOOM! Bet you weren't expecting that!

The hazy Sting-fields-of-goldesque ambiance sets us all up for a nasty fall from grace.
Go on, I used mouthwash for the first time in years after I watched it too.

1.Seat Biker Cupid Commercial
In honor of Valentine's and this week of little loveliness, here's a commercial that says and does what many a man or woman has wanted to say (or do) in order to rope the "one-that-got-away-but-shouldn't-have" into being their Valentine / encapsulate their appeal in two simple verb-implied phrases.

Love the biker, btw.

* * *

Honourable Mentions (with a "u")

1. Barclays Card Commercial w/ Rollercoaster
I guess they decided the theme worked the first time and ran with it. Yeah, it's a cop out on Barclays' part (but hey, what isn't?), but I kinda enjoy it. Still think the waterslide would be WAY cooler though.

2. ACT F.A.S.T. Stroke Prevention Commercial

*Disclaimer Thing*

The inclusion of the following commercial is admittedly in questionable taste and is in no way belittling the seriousness of the issue at hand. However, the powers that be cannot help if they tend to laugh (with attempts at stifling every time for the sake of propriety) at every single face this dear lady makes. The powers that be also wonder what filming this commercial was really like and whether people at the studio weren't also stifling laughter.

Now that's out of the way and evil-Brenda can come back, just one comment on this one:


* * *

Random Tangential Sidenote:
I originally started this post before Christmas with the intention to make it a holiday-themed banter on ridiculous and materialistic Christmas commercials, but there weren't enough good ones to include. Winningly, I did find this hilarious article. It is an actual Brit's take on "awful Holiday advertising." I especially enjoy his post-modernist intro and later reference to Richard Hammond as a "straggle-haired midget."
Enjoy it as a 2-month-late Christmas gift from moi :)

* * *

This post was originally brought to you by The Pogues utterly classic Christmas Song:
Fairytale in New York. Because if this freakish Irish-Christmas video / song don't so absolutely reek of "Holiday Surprise" - or should I say madness? - that they make you rethink your labeling your family "weird," then nothing will.

But now that this blog is no longer Christmas-themed, we're going to have to go with something more lovey-dovey and I think Glenn Medeiros freakin' MASTERPIECE absolutely does the trick. :)

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  1. Cool another batch of commercial goodies to dig into. Cannot wait. I love these.

  2. If the Corsodyl ad is true, then it's nice to know that nubile 20-somethings with perfect bods can still have gum disease! The biker cupid with his high-velocity arsenal was my favorite. 8-)