Monday, February 15, 2010

Little Lovely #5: A Grown-Up Night Out.

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Happy One-Day-Late-Valentine's Day!

These days spare time and alone time are both equally scarce and precious. I take whatever I can get and love to indulge in a nice nap on the couch below our mini olive tree, a quick read of 10 pages or so of the latest novel I'm getting through sentence by sentence in between Roman's demands, or writing snippets of future blog posts when midget-beast isn't looking.

But real-deal grown-up alone time, where midget is nowhere to be found and I get a short and much-needed respite from growing multiple arms, eyes and ears to be omniscient in my house, is all but non-existent for two ex-pats such as Matt and me. With no family nearby, babysitters are a serious issue that we have not fully ventured into for fear and knowledge of the unknown and Jean Benet Ramsey.

Luckily, in the flat downstairs we have a very sweet Malaysian neighbor with a quick wit, a penchant for delicious southeast Asian food, and a love for my manly child, things all of which I appreciate and share (maybe except the first in the latter regard).

Our neighbor has agreed to babysit Roman and tonight Matt and I will be going on our second alone-date since Roman was born. A lovely little French / English restaurant called Emile's

If that isn't a small miracle to be thankful for, then I don't know what is.

PS: Happy Year of the Tiger!

This post is brought to you by an almost nauseatingly French song called "Je Cherche Un Homme" by Eartha Kitt. I may not be searching anymore, but I love it anyway. :)
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  1. Happy Valentine's Day - Adult time is so important - glad you got a bit for yourself.

  2. I hope you and Matt had a wonderful time! Happy belated Valentine's Day!