Thursday, April 23, 2009

One Happy Camper.

That's Ludovictus, who has, incidentally, not yet decided to make his appearance.

I guess technically the fact that I was apparently actually due closer to the 16th might have something to do with it. But, also interesting, is that one is actually not considered "overdue" until two weeks after the "due date" (what a misnomer). :)

In this time of sanity-testing-type-waiting, I have opted to avoid the blogosphere (mostly to spare everyone unnecessary late-pregnancy rants).

Stay tuned.
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  1. Wow, I was sure you've already had the baby :) Hope you're feeling ok.

  2. Get out of there, babeh! Perhaps he likes his pre-birth name of Ludovictus too much to part with it...

  3. Hi! It's great to 'hear' from you but like 5 Star, I though it would be an announcement for Ludovictus' arrival! If you need some divine intervention to give him a little nudge, consider asking St. Expeditus, patron saint of procrastinators (I just wrote a post about him). 8-P

    Keep well, stay comfortable and best wishes to you and Matt as you wait!

  4. Goodness, Brenda! You gave me quite a scare - for you to stay offline and out of contact for so long at this critical time, I was scared something had gone terribly wrong! I was even afraid to call! Anyway, the waiting is hard, they pulled Alba out with a Caesarean after 10 months! I never went into labor... Please keep us informed back here!

  5. Isn't the waiting suppose to make the introduction that much sweeter? Maybe L is just shy. Is a spicy curry meal in order to prompt his appearance?