Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Roman!

making a silent, slightly confused, but very "1"ish wish.

Happy 1st Birthday Roman!

At 5:20pm on May 1st last year, Matt and I were finally breathing the huge sigh of relief we'd been waiting to let out for almost a month (mine slightly more woozy and drugged-out than his): Roman Lawrence was safely, healthily, and massively (!) born; perfect, breathing, 10-fingers-10-toes-1-head-and-no-tail, and in our arms at long last!

To say it was slightly surreal but wonderful is only an approximation because becoming a parent is an experience that completely catches you off-guard. It both frightens and thrills in equal parts. And until you've done it, you have no idea what it will be like (and for the record, even after you have, you make it up entirely as you go along :) ).

Today, May 1st 2010, exactly one year later, we are once again breathing a huge sigh of relief - probably one of thousands we've breathed since that first day. Literally. Just yesterday Roman fell down a seemingly endless flight of stairs (he was perfectly fine) and tried to eat a giant wolf spider. (As if I needed heart attack issues this early in life! The nerve.)

But this time around we are breathing the sight of relief from the comfort of our home: Roman has made it through his first year in one piece!

And miraculously, so have we. All largely unscathed, better for the wear, and happy to boot.

We've laughed, we've cried, we've done it all.

Happy Birthday INDEED.

* * *

Here are some choice shots from Roman's 1st Birthday Party today.

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  1. Oh what fun - You all look in one piece and ready to have a fantastic celebration. We don't have kids but I get to live it vicariously through friends and family. I am amazed at 1 - how resilient they are - kinda like that plastic man - they fall, they bump they get back up to do it again, 2 how brave parents are to do this - I swear if it were my kid I'd have so much padding on them they'd look like the Michelin man or at least the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Roman! No doubt it's been a wonderful and obviously exhausting first year, but all without regret. Wishing you many, many more (but just take it easy on your mom and dad . . .)

    And congratulations to you, Brenda and Matt, for your first year of joyous, always-on-your-toes parenthood! 8-)