Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wild Thing.

Max, like Roman and me, is always up for a good bit of 'rumpus-ing."

We are far overdue for a cuteness interlude. Halloween this year also conveniently coincides with Roman turning 6 months old and is therefore the perfect opportunity for his proud and puffy mama-beast to fluff up her feathers and show him off a little more. :)

* * *

One of our all-time favorite children's books (and no, not just because the totally awesome movie is coming out soon!) is Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. It's one of the only books that I made absolutely sure to buy a hardback in, and since Roman was born we've probably read it more times than any other.

This books is near and dear to our hearts not only because it's been
around since we were kids, but because Matt has jokingly called me one of Max's "Wild Things" since the first time he visited my house while we were dating and my mom showed him some of my baby pictures (see below). He even sent my mom a "Where the Wild Things Are" thank you note after that. :)

In the words of Max: "I'll Eat You Up!"

Where the Wild Things Are is a celebration of fiendishly childish imagination, wildly innocent caprice, and simple, unconditional love. It always makes me laugh and by the end it always makes
me want to cry. It involves dressing up, wild jungles and voyages, wild rumpus-ing, much gnashing of teeth and mischief galore. All that in what amounts to about four sentences of text and simple, yet ingeniously evocative illustrations.

It is a great book because it does what all great literature should
do: it makes you imagine. Right now Roman just tries to eat the pages when I read it to him, but I can't wait for the day that he starts to wonder about Max, tells me which Wild Thing is his favorite of all, and maybe even runs around the house in his very own wolf suit making mischief of one kind...or another. :)

* * *

Naturally, my first impulse was to dress Roman as something of a Wild Thing for his first Halloween. The closest thing I could find was a little red devil outfit complete with black cape and pointy tail. I then took it upon myself to further humiliate my child by hand-drawing a curly mustache and goatee on him. (I figure I have to get the harassment in now while he still can't talk.
) To virtually commemorate this occasion, here are some pictures of Roman's first Halloween as well as other favorites from my Wild Thing's first six months of life.

"And now," cried Max, "let the wild rumpus start!"

* * *

Mi Diablito

First Halloween - 6 Months

Sitting up so well - 5 months

The Roman Doll hits Texas Stores - 4 months

Going to a part-ay! - 3 months

Really smiling (and charming us to bits)! - 2 months

Already an enfant terrible at less than 1 month.

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  1. You are such a little beast! I love roman's pieman's stache. I hope you guys had fun! I was expecting to see pictures of you and Matt's costume.

    I need to find pictures of your "sexy" Fester costume... Haha that story has been passed around to everyone around halloween. Hope you don't mind... too much. :P

  2. Oh my goodness, the personality is just coming through on those pics. I foresee a real charmer. I hope you were able to find some good places to trick or treat. I understand it can a bit of a challenge in London. The little diablito looks like he could win his way into any lady's heart and secure, well I am not sure what treat a 6 month old could secure, but I bet he got it. Happy Belated Halloween!

  3. Yeah, great - thanks Caaa for continuing the curse of the sexy fester costume. I am pretty much doomed to wear awkward halloween costumes for the rest of my life.

    Last night's version of the London Eye(ball) is no exception.

  4. (Please ignore this if it's a repeat - I think my last comment didn't go through!)

    I've been absent from your site for quite some time but I had to make sure I came back to this post! Roman is a devilish little darling in his costume and he looks so much like you!