Monday, October 5, 2009

Eggs of the Ranch Persuasion, take 2.

Major foodie props to my very good and rather fearless friend Kristine who sent me this picture this morning inspired by my recent post (yes, I do feel the need to shamelessly promote my past dalliances):

Love the touch of cilantro (or coriander, as the English would erroneously (IMHO) call it).

Her foray into the world of huevos rancheros was met with praise and much licking of lips.

Yay for Kristine helping me change the world one huevo-ranchero convert at a time!
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  1. Oh yummy - just the picture to tempt and seduce me this Monday morning

  2. That does it! I'm making huevos rancheros this weekend. It's the hubs lucky weekend . . . hmmmm, if I make this for him, it may just be MY lucky weekend. ;-) Ooooo, TMI!!