Sunday, July 5, 2009

Life Coaching & Douche-baggery Continued.

It's been a while since I added to what has now become an unintentional but critical segment in my blog: Life Coaching & Douche-baggery. (I realize some may take issue with my choice of adjectives and nouns here, but why write a blog if I can't indulge in using my favorite, albeit sometimes inappropriate, slang terms on it?)

Life Coaching

Every month or so Matt and I bother to pick up the latest issue of our local borough newspaper: The (Wandsworth) Guardian. It generally boasts funny local anecdotes, random historical information about the borough, and announcements for goings-on such as food festivals, D-grade concerts, and random business openings. It also, however, has a classifieds section.

It was with equal glee and shock and plenty of cynical sniggering (snickering?) that Matt shoved this little doozy under my already preemptively flared nostrils:

Yes, the Guardian does actually have a special section devoted entirely to Life Coaching. Am I missing something here?! What the hell is a "Life Coach"!?!


One of my (many) sinful indulgences is reality tv. The most recent butts of my (and Matt's) reality tv obsession, and therefore also our merciless criticism, are none other than the unlikely stars of, well anything, but this time "Date my Ex": ex-fiances Jo "the ho" De la Rosa and Slade Smiley. Yes, that is apparently his real name. What gives, right?

Jo & Slade;
in the words of my favorite mulleted man:
how can we be lovers if we can't be friends?

If you don't know the plot, I won't bother explaining it - just go here. If you've seen the show, then chances are you probably already know what I'm about to tell you. It doesn't make it any less funny. I will probably have to devote a separate entry itself to Jo (Matt pronounces it in Spanish: "ho." Yes, that is ironic.), but Slade definitely falls under the category of D-baggery, and so here we are.

Top 3 Reasons Slade Smiley is a Douche Bag
I almost feel bad...but you know you were thinking it too.

3. Because Dave says so, and it takes one to know one.
(See comments on second link.)

2. Because Lucas says so, and Lucas (despite appearing somewhat vapid) is kinda hot.

1. Because this blog says so, and it's freakin' hilarious.
(See comments at the end as well.)
* * *

And just because it's a great video...

What can I say? We all need a small dose of power-balladery every once in a while. :)
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  1. I miss all those wonderful time sucking English dailies. They were a perfect way to spend (suck) time out of the day. The US just does not seem to have anything close to those dailies - except one in NYC that I am blanking on

    I am always surprised at the number of life coaches - it seems they can come from all walks of like so I do not understand what "qualifications" are necessary to become one.

    I have to ask, what's "tooting"

  2. oh, ha! Tooting is a neighborhood slightly south of Putney. :) Kind of a funny name, right?

  3. #4 Mr. Smiley wears a rosary as jewelry

  4. It is a funny name, but I loved the quirkiness of those English names. It certainly made them easy to remember.

  5. Too funny! Why are people like Jo and Slade 'famous'?! And who needs a life coach - isn't that what a bottle of red wine and some great friends are for?

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