Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life Coaching and Mindless Eating.

Thanks to my dear friend and bride-to-be (not mine!) Krista at Bohemian Ghoulash for the inspiration for today's post. While strolling the streets of Chicago she was kind enough to spare a thought for me and take this picture, which she then sent via cyberspace in order to encourage my random but apparently obvious-enough preoccupation with Life Coaches and their sheer hilarity. (Yes, someone is bound to be offended by that - whattayagonnado?)

Anyway, here's the picture:

For only $10.00 you too can learn your future, be healed AND get a coach for all things life-related!

Thanks for that Dori.

Am I officially a jerk? :)

* * *

The other thing Krista threw my way was a cool little quiz in the New York Times.

Go here to take the quiz (just write your answers on a piece of paper) and then read the follow-up article that explains your cooking personality here. (What else do you really have to do on a
Wednesday afternoon?)

Krista seems to be particularly apt at finding interesting quizzes on one's kitchen-personality. I'm all about this kind of quiz for a couple of reasons:

Why I'm "All About" Random Food Personality Food Quizzes
and taking quizzes in magazines in general

3. Seventeen (or approximately so) Again
These quizzes take me back to the days of "What is your dating style?" or "What chocolate truffle best describes your love language?" in Seventeeen magazine. As adolescents my friends and I poured over those silly quizzes, swearing they held the answer to our future love-lifes in their clutches. That and M.A.S.H. (and I don't mean the Vietnam war show for all you old fogies). Yes,
there is an electronic version of it now. Where was that 15 years ago?!

Super-fancy Nutritional Jargon
These types of quizzes arm us kitchen-pro-wannabes with just enough legitimate sounding but fun
kitchen terms to make us (or at least me) feel highly scientific discussing our place in the family as kitchen-wench. I plan entirely to enthrall Matt and my chef brother-in-law with terms like "Nutritional Gate-keeper" and "Innovative Cook" vs. "Giving Cook." Both Krista and I were "Innovative," in case you're curious. *enthusiastic high five to self*

1. Food for Thought. Or Thought for Food. Whatever.
Plus, this quiz reminded me of a really cool discussion regarding food and the sociological / gender-related place it has in our lives that my friend over at Tangled Noodle recently did a three-part feature on. Interestingly, both the quiz and her discussion come from the book Mindless Eating by Dr. Brian Wansink (apparently quite the hot ticket!). They are sure to give you some super-food for thought if you're a nerd like me in this regard. :) Check it out.

* * *

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  1. That quiz in Ny times is pretty neat - I was the innovative cook too :)

  2. I haven't decided if I'm 'innovative' or just 'bad.'

    My pumpkin gnocchi with fried rosemary the other night was a disaster. But I guess nothing can quite out-nast my infamous attempt at Chinese-German fusion that Rob will never let me live down.

    Note: Szechwan and spaetzle don't work together

  3. Life coaches has got to be one of the biggest growing occupations - I have come across so many of late, and I remain curious as to what coolade they drank from that they can all be coaches on this vast and challenging process. I suspect this soothsayer has as much credibility as the other folks I've met. If they were Buddist and came back in another life, that I could understand.

  4. [Apologies if this is a repeat - I can't quite recall if I'd already left a message!]

    Thanks so much for the mention! The book was really a revelation about how we THINK we're in control about our decision-making processes when we're really handing over the keys most of the time.

    Funny that you mentioned life coaches: my husband just received a call from one who was referred to us by his friend. The life coach told him that his goal is to help him determine "what he wants in life". Hubs later turned to me and said, "I know what I want in life. I want to know when someone will to give it to me!"