Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Eulogy for Frankie the Betta Fish.

Rest in Peace, Frankie the Betta Fish. 

He was feisty and not too interested in affection, but he was a good, loyal pet to his family in these, their first six months in Denver.  His red fins were comparable to none in their splendor.  His "flare" more fierce and flame-like than the rest.  He weathered many a water change with stoicism and bravery.  He ruled his fake-stone castle with swift but fair judgment and never neglected his Wal-mart house plants.  He put-on a good face, even after unsanctioned petting by the Master, and allowed himself to be referred to by many undignified names: At Halloween Frankie-nstein, at other times "Frankster," "Frankie-fiend," and the less than flattering "Franken-fish," when in trouble "Frank Ciardiello." 

Yes, he was good.  And because of his rather grisly death by Freezer Euthenasia, to avoid a rather grislier one by Dropsy, he shall not be replaced anytime soon.  A funeral was not held due to shocking amounts of snow and frozen-ground which would have surely broken the beach shovel.

Frankie, Fair ruler of his castle-home
He is survived by his occasionally-and-mostly-emotionally-though-not-technically-adopted stepbrother from another mother and father, Fred the Westie, King of False Alarms, his rightful and not-exactly-despondent owner, Romanorum Master Forum, and the two dashingly-good-looking servants who also reside in the household, Matt & Brenda.

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